A partnership among Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, Keystone College, King's College, Lackawanna College, Luzerne County Community College, Marywood University, Misericordia University, Penn State Wilkes-Barre, Penn State Worthington Scranton, The Wright Center, University of Scranton, and Wilkes University.



Regional Policing
April 2010: A system of regional policing can help cash strapped communities provide better police coverage while sharing costs and services with other
communites. Success stories exist from small and large communities/regions across the country. This study, completed in partnership with the Pennsylvania
Economy League, demonstrates the cost savings of such an effort. It was prepared in hopes of encourage action amongst our small communities to address
public safety from an innovative and efficient method.

A Primer on Home Rule Charters
August 2009: The voters of Luzerne County elected a Home Rule Study Commission this year to prepare a charter of government under home rule for evaluation by the voters. This primer discusses the differences between home rule and the current form of government in very basic terms.

Commuter Rail
July 2009: Within the past several decades, many discussions and considerations have occurred surrounding the Lackawanna Cut-Off Rail Restoration Project – which includes development of a commuter rail line running from the Poconos region of Pennsylvania to Hoboken, New Jersey, where a transfer line will take passengers into Manhattan. The Lackawanna Cut-off Rail Restoration Project’s purpose is to effectively and efficiently put into operation a passenger rail service, improving travel in the Northeast Pennsylvania/Northwest New Jersey to Midtown Manhattan and Hoboken, NJ.
Land Use Planning & Sprawl
January 2007: This project came as a result of the Land Use & Transportation Planning Workshop from the 2006 Indicators Forum. The paper identifies the history and types of land use planning, evolution of sprawl, transit-oriented development, traditional neighborhood development, and New Urbanism. Some case studies are presented.

Regional Implications of Bond Rating Methodology
June 2005: Bond raters and insurers evaluate the issuer's economic region when determining bond ratings. That cost of capital could increase or decrease based on the strength of surrounding communities. This should be a major reason municipalities and counties reach across jurisdictional lines to solve problems.