The Institute provides data, analytics, and community based research to the public supported by contributions and pledges.

This research enables community leaders from the public, private, and non-profit sectors to gain insight on recent trends, new opportunities, and potential challenges in order to develop effective planning and initiatives to improve quality of life and standard of living. The annual Indicators report and forum along with the facilitation, convening, and research support of the seven volunteer issue based task forces are part of this community based research initiative. Making more informed choices leads to greater economic vitality for business, residents and the region as a whole.

These funds supports also support student internships. Students from our 13 higher education partners have an opportunity to complete a practicum with The Institute. Here they learn research methods and conduct primary and secondary research to assist staff in preparation of the research. The students receive academic credit, publishing credentials, real work experience, and a cash stipend upon successful completion of their assigned scope of work.

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Once you complete your pledge card, donations can be mailed to our Wilkes-Barre location or you can request information on ACH payments. Payment should be made to –  The Institute.

Research Underwriting Opportunities

Contact Teri Ooms at or 570.408.9850 for research underwriting opportunities.