Planning, Land Use, Transportation, and Infrastructure


To improve the quality of life and standard of living for the residents of northeastern Pennsylvania through examination of best practices and policy in planning, land use, transportation, and infrastructure development.


The task force is comprised of diverse groups of professionals to convene and participate in creating policy solutions based on evidence and best practices that have the potential to impact legislation and beyond.
The task force examines a variety of issues related to planning, land use, and transportation systems.
The task force provided information and served on the advisory committee to the Bi-County Comprehensive Plan.

Planning, Land Use, Transportation & Infrastructure Research (PLuTI)

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Task Force Members

  • Dr. Marleen Troy, Professor, Wilkes University, Chair
  • Carl Beardsley, Executive Director, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport
  • Ron Daniels, Chief Financial Officer, The Wright Center
  • Joe Glynn, Chief Technology Officer, WVIA
  • Robert Luciani, Vice President, Empower
  • Lawrence Malski, Director, Pennsylvania Northeast Regional Railroad Authority
  • Jill Murray, Ph.D., President & Chief Innovation Officer, Lackawanna College
  • John Slater, ESG Specialist, The Wright Center
  • Derek Williams, Mayor, Borough of Honesdale; Community Grant Writer, Wayne County Community Foundation
  • Vivian Williams, Director, NEPA Moves