The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in greater need among many populations who rely on social service agencies in various aspects of their life (e.g., health and mental health, food, housing, support, rehabilitation, job training, education, etc.). It has also significantly impacted the ability of those agencies to effectively deliver their services to the communities that need their help.

The Institute conducted an initial survey of staff at numerous social service agencies throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania in July 2020 in order to identify the ways in which their organizations have been impacted by the pandemic. The questions focused on the impact on service delivery, processes and procedures, staffing and volunteers, and fundraising.

The survey also sought to gain a better understanding of how the region’s social service agencies have responded to the crisis, and what actions and best practices can be implemented to best serve the needs of their client populations (in addition to allowing the agencies to continue operating).

A follow-up survey, consisting of the same questions, was issued a year into the pandemic. This follow-up survey sought to discover if agencies’ responses to the pandemic have improved and if their ability to serve their community has changed from the initial survey. This report compares the results from the follow-up survey to the findings included in the initial results reported in July 2020.